League Rules

WSA Women’s & Co-ed Rules

1.  Team should be ready to play ½ hour before game time.

2.  Game card should be filled out with names and jersey #s and ready to hand to the referee.

3.  A player that is not on the roster will not be allowed to play until they clear it with Alice or any WSA Board Member and get a receipt showing payment.

4.  Players must have all jewelry removed (includes watches, fitbits,etc)  before entering the playing field. A smooth wedding band is allowed. 

5.  Game time starts at the scheduled game time. Players will start playing as soon as each team has 7 players. Game will count as a forfeit if a team does not have at least 7 players on the field after 15 minutes from scheduled game time.

6.  The referee will start the time once they blow the whistle.

7. The ref will blow the whistle at game start time. If the other team isn’t on the field within 5 minutes of game start time, your team will be given a goal. After 10 minutes your team will be given a second goal. After 15 minutes the game is forfeit.

8.  A team that forfeits at game time will lose a game (at the end of the season). A team that forfeits multiple times will be subject to a board review and may be placed on probation.

9.  Substitutions must be made at the center of the field. A player must wait for the center referee’s permission before stepping on & off the field.

10.  All games are 45 minute halves unless both teams agree to play 35 minute halves. Again, the time starts when the referee blows the whistle.

11.  In case of uniform color conflict, the home team changes. The home team is listed first on the schedule.

12.  The fall division leaders will have the option to play in the state cup in the spring.

13.  Player/coach receiving a red card will pay a $30.00 fine and sit out the following league game. If you are carded for fighting, the fee will be $50.00 and a 2-league game suspension. Any physical attacks on the ref will result in suspension from the league until disciplinary action from State. The red card will be turned in to the referee assignor. Once the player/coach complies with the above, they will be allowed to play/coach. Payment for the fine can be given to a WSA league board member.

14.  Two yellow cards equal a red card and rule #13 applies.

15.  Disciplinary action will be taken when one of the following occurs:

a.  A game is deemed abandoned by the referee due to misconduct.

b.  There is physical assault involving players, coaches, spectators, or referees.

c.   Any grave incident which warrants attention.

16.  Drop ball goes to the team last in possession at stoppage of the game.

17.  No red carded player/expelled may be replaced. Teams must continue to play a player short. 

18.  Protest: A team that wants to protest a game needs to turn in a written request plus $25.00 to a WSA league board member before leaving the soccer complex. Within 10 days of the game in question, a WSA board member will form a committee to hear the protest. The committee will consist of the following: 2 board members, 1 team rep from protesting team, 1 team rep from opposing team, 1 team rep from 3rd team (that is not associated with 1st or 2nd team), referee assignor, ref that was present at game in question. The team making the protest has 10 minutes to present an argument. The rebuttal, if there is one, shall be 2 minutes or less. After the protest committee has met, the committee shall meet in person within 14 days of the game in question to rule on the game protest. If the protest is ruled in favor of the protesting team, the $25.00 will be refunded.

19. There is a penalty for unregistered players playing. The board will decide if the penalty warrants a loss of a game or a $50 fine.

20. WSA has the right to refuse to work with team reps, coaches, or players if they are unprofessional, disrespectful, or break WSA rules.

Additional Co-ed Rules

21.  Games will be played with a maximum of 5 male players on the field (excluding the goalie). Rest will be females as required to field a team.

22.  To start a game there must be at least 1 female on the field.

23.  If a male gets red carded, team plays 1 male short (4 men on the field). If a female gets red carded, team plays 1 female short and team is still allowed to play with 5 men on the field.

24.  No slide tackles or sliding is allowed. This will be a referee judgment call. Goalie may slide to get the ball.

25.  Offensive goals:

a. Men= 1 point

b.  Women= 2 points

c.   Maximum # of goals scored by the same male player is 3.

d. No limit on goals scored by the same female player.

e. Penalty kicks taken by female= 2 points

26.  Own goal counts as one goal for male or female.

27.  Rules #1-20 also apply to co-ed

WSA Board will have the final word on all disputes and decisions.